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iPro Developer is an engaged community of IBM i, iSeries, AS400 and System i technology developers. Our qualified audience of developers come to us looking to connect with their peers and industry experts on technical know-how, coding tips, research and evaluation of third party solutions, and opportunities for technical training and education. Our readers value and trust our independent voice and rely on us to help influence and define their day-to-day decisions.Win IT Pro

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Demand generation with a multi-touch educational campaign.

Drive awareness and interest in your products through a web seminar and 3-touch nurturing program. Our turnkey demand generation solution includes outreach to our senior level developers, custom content to nurture prospects decision-making and targeted emails that keep your brand top of mind.

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Kick off 2013 with valuable insight on your company and your competition!

eListeningTM provides valuable business intelligence that can be used to improve the way your company conducts business online. We monitor and analyze past and near real-time conversations occurring across the web that are directly relevant to your organization, competition, industry and audiences. You receive insight into key market trends and a report of essential action items that can be incorporated into your digital marketing, advertising, audience acquisition and product development strategies as well as customer service programs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a pillar of online marketing and should be a top consideration for every website. It is vital that when a user searches for a relevant term that you appear as high as possible in the search rankings. The Penton SEO team will develop a roadmap to help potential customers find you!

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